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Rental & Property Investment

Rental & Property Investment

Our Experience & Expertise

At Advisory Accountants we have extensive experience in property investment – both residential and commercial. Imran has considerable experience in property investment, as he owns several properties; both residential and commercial. He has personally undertaken a range of residential property investments including new builds and existing properties. Over this period, as a property developer, he has built, sold, or renovated more than 50 residential / commercial properties. He has also acted as a commercial property investor for 15+ years.

His experience includes:

  • Providing guidance on key accounting practices including effective tax structures, cash flow management, GST and due diligence.
  • Advising on subdivisions, townhouse developments, commercial property, multi-dwelling investments, financing, lending issues, and property trading.
  • He has delivered seminars on rental property investments, which includes the latest in tax implications.
  • He can provide guidance and assistance on finance and lending, for prospective property investments.
  • He acts as a mentor and coach to clients and provides his extensive experience and insights into property investments.
  • He is well-versed in property trends in the greater Wellington region and other areas.

Advisory Accountants is based in Wellington, with offices in Porirua and the Wellington CBD.

We service and support clients that hold a range of rental portfolios. This includes individuals that hold 1 or 2 rental properties, through to those with a larger investment property portfolio.

We support property investors based locally within NZ and overseas.

Helping You to Maximise Your Profits

Advisory Accountants’ experts have first-hand experience in this area and can help you set up your property investments to maximise your profit and minimise your tax obligations.

We believe that if you use the right structures for your investment properties, you can not only protect your assets and retain your net wealth, but also legally reduce taxes and operating costs commonly associated with buying, holding and selling property investments.

We provide the following crucial investment property services:

  • We can advise and structure your investment portfolio for better asset protection.
  • We focus on improving the cash flows of your property portfolio by deducting various depreciation expenses.
  • We can advise on the various property investment strategies that can legally reduce taxes.
  • We claim all tax deductions that you are legally entitled to, including all depreciations and expenses related to improving, managing and holding your investment property.
  • We know how to safely structure your debt to purchase investment properties.
  • We can develop a system with supporting strategies to help fund and structure subsequent property purchases.

Key Questions We Can Help You With

If you are buying, or already have purchased, an investment property there will be tax and accounting implications.

Some of the most frequent questions asked are:

  • How should I own my investment property?
  • What are the latest compliance and tax changes that relate to my rental property investments?
  • How do my investment property structures fit into my business structures?
  • Should I use a look-through company, or invest individually, or use a trust?
  • With changes to the Bright-Line property rules, what do I now need to consider?
  • What are the implications of tax and ‘ringfencing’ expenses, now applicable to investment properties?

Talk to us today about your property investments.

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